Anthony Tulumello

I'm a Canadian front-end focused web developer with a wide array of knowledge in different stacks, both front and back.

GTA Preview


A simple loan calculator built for an aviation economy game. NodeJs communicates with Google Firebase in order to dynamically update available funds from the game world api.

NPM Packages Used:

Personal Site Preview

My personal website you are viewing now, wrapped with fullpagejs. My goal was to show some of my knowledge while being as simple as possible.

NPM Packages Used:

GTA Preview

Photo Site

A gallery centered wordpress theme built for a photographer. It allows the user to easily alter key information of the site via Advanced Custom Fields and uses Gravity Forms for form handling.

Notable Plugins Used:

OxygenAdvanced Custom FieldsGravity Forms
GTA Preview


My personal Gatsby Bootstrap boiler plate that I use in majority of my Gatsby based projects, including my personal site. I integrated with TravisCI to ensure all updates and builds pass without issue. Additionally, I am using Vercel to host the live preview at no cost.

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